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2017 HIGH SCHOOL LEVEL TRYOUTS​: Start Sunday!!!!
  • Sunday, March 5th, 9:00-11:00am @ Salesian High School
  • Sunday, March 12th,  9:00-11:00am @ Salesian High School
  • Sunday, March 19th, 9:00-11:00am @ Salesian High School

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2017 YOUTH TRYOUTS​: CONCLUDED- Rosters Coming Soon
  • Sunday, Feb. 12th, 9:00a-11:00a @ Salesian High School
  • Sunday, Feb. 19th, 2:00p-4:00p@ Salesian High School
  • Sunday, Feb. 26th, 9:00a-11:00a @ Salesian High School

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The Magic Black team is our Showcase Elite team. Black will travel Nationally to the top tournaments in the country playing against the best competition available. Space is highly limited, for more information contact Dustin Hirashima. dustin@orindamagic.org

The Magic Blue team is our Varsity Showcase Team. Blue will travel regionally to compete at top tournaments. 

The Magic Red team will be a mixed local HS grade team. Our goals with our youth teams are to instill good habits and provide the necessary fundamental instruction to prepare players for the next step in their basketball career. Red will play in local tournaments and games against appropriate competition. 

The Magic Gold team will be a mixed Youth team. As with our Red team, we will instill good habits and expect a commitment to learning the basic fundamentals of basketball to lay a base for the progression of their skills. Gold will play in local tournaments and games against appropriate competition. Tryouts for the Gold Team begin Sunday, February 21st, 2016. 

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Tryouts are open to all female basketball players with the desire to advance their basketball skills in a fun & family-friendly environment while also learning sportsmanship respect and fortitude.

Teams will compete at the middle-school and high-school levels in local AAU tournaments as well as National NCAA certified tournaments, as appropriate.

For more information email Dustin Hirashima: dustin@orindamagic.org

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