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07/15/2015Orinda Magic Black finished 3-2 in Chicago at the TOC Nike Invitational 2015. Black has started the Summer 2015 at 10-4 and hopes to continue their success in San Diego at the end of July.

07/10/2015- Orinda Magic Black won the Gold Bracket Consolation @ EOT Nike Invitational 2015. Congrats to Julieanne Martin(Salesian) and Lesila Finau(Dublin) on their All-Tournament Selection. Orinda Magic Blue won their first game in an emotional thriller to get their signature win of the Summer!

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 Orinda Magic Black, Coached By Stephen Pezzola
Mikaela Bismillah5'6"2018Dougherty Valley High School PG 
28Julie Ann Martin5'5"2016Salesian College Prep PG
Alexis Hooper6'2018Carondelet High School F
7Lesila Finau5'8"2018Dublin High School G 
44Gabby Edmond5'9"2018California High School
Tasia Fleming
5'4"2018Salesian College Prep PG 

Rayana Ross5'8"2016Salesian College Prep G/F 
Marley Fernandes6'2017California High School  F/C 
24Makayla Edwards
5'9"2019Salesian College Prep
30 Angel Jackson 6'5"  2019Salesian College PrepC
24Jasmine Sorrells6'1"2016 International High School
20Soncerrae Walker5'6"2016Moreau Catholic High School G/F
 Orinda Magic Blue, Coached By Darrell Hirashima, Jr.
TJ Roberts5'10"2018Northgate High School F/C 
6Katarina Stewart5'6"2019Monta Vista High School PG
Sydney Louie5'4"2018Acalanes High School PG
10Arianna Salcido 5'8"2018Carondelet High School G 
12Caryssa Salling5'7"2017College Park High School
Amara Correal6'2"2017Salesian College Prep
15Sicaly Sorrell5'6"2019Salesian College Prep G/F 
Tamera McNeil5'8"2017Hercules High School G/F
18Bianca Camello 5'7"2019Salesian College Prep
23Mya Moore 5'11"  2019Salesian College PrepF/C
24Gabriella  Lomelli 5'7"2018Concord High School


 40Ayanna Munoz-Sanchez 5'5" 2018Clayton Valley Charter  G
 45Sydney Pournaras 5'9" 2018Livermore High School  G/F


Entering our 16th year of Competition, Orinda Magic Basketball will hold AAU tryouts Starting February 28th, 2015. See Below for more details.

@ Los Cerros Middle School, 968 Blemer Rd, Danville, CA

Sat. 2/28, 3:15pm-5:45pm
Sun 3/01, 8:30am-10:30am
Sun 3/08, 8:30am-10:30am

Tryouts are open to all female basketball players with the desire to advance their basketball skills in a fun & family-friendly environment while also learning sportsmanship respect and fortitude.

Teams will compete at the middle-school and high-school levels in local AAU tournaments as well as National NCAA certified tournaments, as appropriate.

For more information email Dustin Hirashima: dustin@orindamagic.org

History of Magic Teams

Since 2000, the doors of Orinda Magic Basketball have always been open to anyone with a strong determination to improve their game, as well as the commitment to help their team be the best it can be. Since the inception of the first Orinda Magic team in the spring of 2000, the program has consistently produced standout high school varsity players, not to mention the Magic players lucky enough to take thier game to the college level.  

The Orinda Magic program is dedicated to maximizing both development and exposure for each of our players.  Skill development is overseen by coaches who have themselves dedicated a lifetime to learning the art of basketball.  Exposure, on the other hand, can mean more than one thing.  As a member of the Orinda Magic, players are exposed to challenging situations and the best competition.  For those seeking to move on to the next level, exposure means national "viewing events" during the summer curcuit where players showcase their abilities to a wide range of college coaches and scouts.  To see the Orinda Magic players who made it to the next level please visit our Wall Of Fame page in the History section, or just CLICK HERE.


For more information on Magic teams and the history of the Magic program, visit the History page on our website by clicking the tab at the top of the page or just hit the link here.  HISTORY 


6/3/2013:  All 8 Orinda Magic teams participated in HOH13 this year for the last tournament of the Spring, 2013. Black, Emerald & Platinum made it into the Gold Brackets for their Division, with Black taking the championship. Red made it into the Silver bracket and won all their Sunday games to add to our first place finishes.

5/29/2013:  All 8 Orinda Magic teams participated in Reno this year with mixed results. Emerald and Black made it into the Gold Brackets and played for the championship with Emerald bringing home 1st and Black settling for Runner-Up for their Divisions, with Red playing for 3rd we had 3 OMBA teams going for hardware last weekend.

5/13/2013:  All eight Orinda Magic teams participated in the Darrell Hirashima Classic this year with mixed results.  Diamond and Ruby took home Co-Champions in the 7th grade L2 division. Platinum, Emerald, Red, and Black all took 2nd place.


5/29/2012: All 6 Orinda Magic teams participated in Reno this year with mixed results. Blue and Platinum made it into the Gold Brackets for their Division, with Platinum finishing 4th overall for the 6th grade level 1 division. Platinum, Blue and Red each finished with a record of 2-2, while Black Bronze and Silver mustered only 1 win

5/14/2012:Congratulations to Orinda Magic Blue(Coached by Kameo Williams) on their championship this past weekend at the 4th annual Darrell Hirashima Classic. This represents the first Orinda Magic Championship for a high school level team at this most honored tournament. Magic Platinum also won their second straight Hirashima Classic and their 3rd championship in a row as they cruised to victory in all three games.

5/07/2012: All Orinda Magic teams will be participating in the Darrell Hirashima Classic this coming Mother's Day Weekend. The tournament is held in honor of Orinda Magic's founder Darrell Hirashima, Sr.

5/07/2012: Congratulations to Orinda Magic Black(Elite) and Orinda Magic Platinum(6th Grade)! Both teams won hard fought victories in tight games to win Championships at the Oscar Jiminez District Championships. The Black team won in double over-time thanks largely to a late 3-pter from Deja Ford(Alameda High). The Platinum team was neck and neck with a fierce Lafayette Lightning team, but came away with some big buckets and defensive stops to seal their victory.

2010 Magic Gold

1/13/2010: Orinda Magic has named a new head coach(Steve Pezzola) for the Black Team. The Black Team is Orinda Magic's Elite high school team and will travel Nationally to tournaments in Oregon and possibly Tennessee. Steve Pezzola has coached at the high school level for over 5 years and just began as the Salesian Varsity Girls Basketball Coach. As the coach of the Black team, Steve‚Äôs goal is to continue the program that his good friend Darrell Hirashima Sr founded which placed numerous girls in position to play basketball at Division I, II, and III schools.  He is looking for highly competitive girls who: (1) love the game of basketball, (2) respect the game and its players, coaches and officials, (3) are willing to work to become better players while having fun in the Spring and the Summer; and (4) desire to continue playing basketball past their high school years.  



Spring 2010 Recap:

Magic has been able to expand to four teams for the first time in over two years. The additions to our coaching staff (Steve Pezzola, Greg Ginsburg, LaRone Smith, Austin Sutta) have strengthened the program and despite intense competition for players the Elite Team(Black Magic) has built a very strong roster moving into the summer. Anchored by long-time Orinda Magic players like Leticia (Moses) OcegueraGina Del Bene, and Amber Edmond,  and more recent additions like Jamie Wallace and Krissy Segismundo, the Black Magic team will be looking to make their mark at the summer tournaments @ UCB, Oregon City, Santa Ana, and San Francisco. While they hold out hope that starting SG, Alexa Salcido, will recover from severe injuries to rejoin the team, the young ladies are looking forward to trying out their new teammates Alejandra Cephas and Corrine Hom. Returning from the Spring after recovering from some nagging injuries, Jamie Wallace and Haliegh Nickerson will join Geena Greene and Arienne Johnson in their push to finish the AAU season in top form. 

The Orinda Magic Blue team has been the most successful team in the club for the second straight Spring. Though they started off slow, each tournament found them gaining more and more momentum. Zina Fostor and Courtney Seyranian have shouldered most of the point-guard load and done an exemplary job. Zina's aggressiveness is perhaps matched only by Shelby Sailing who continues to add to her repertoire daily. Additionally, the consistent play of Calila Cruickshank and Caitlin Senneca have kept the team energized, while Sarah Allison, Danielle Roach and Lindsay Thien continue to make valuable contributions while improving their individual skills.
2010 Summer Rosters
  Magic Black
Arienne JohnsonSalesian High School 2011
Jaimie WallacePiedmont High School 2011
Kristen SegismundoMoreau Catholic High School 2012
Gina Del BeneClayton Valley High School 2011
 Alexa Salcido, Carondelet High School 2011
Amber EdmondCalifornia High School 2011
Geena GreenePiedmont High School 2012
Alejandra Cephas, Deer Valley High School2014
Corrine Hom, St. Ignatius High School 2012
Leticia OcegueraSalesian High School 2011
Haliegh NickersonBishop O' Dowd 2012
Magic Blue:

Tayler Williams, Bentley High School 2011
Jessica Mitz, Valley Christian 
High School 2014
Sarah Allison, St Mary's of Berkeley 
High School 2012
Caitlin Senneca, St Mary's of Berkeley 
High School 2012
Danielle Roach, John Swett 2013
Shelby Sailing, College Park 2013
Calila Cruickshank, Orinda Magic 2013
Lindsay Thien, Granada 2012
Shaunike Lee, Liberty 2012
Magic Red:

Annemarie Del Bene, Clayton Valley 
High School 2014
Madison Burroughs, Monte Vista High School, 2014
Mariah Seals, Hercules 
High School, 2014 
Jonae Gonzales, Piedmont High School, 2014 
Bailey Russ, 
St Mary's of Berkeley 2014 
Tori McGovern, Bishop O'Dowd 2014 
Briah Davis, Oakland Military Academy 2013
Layla Stebbins, Encinal High School 2014
Marissa Woo, 2014
Zoey Correal, Salesian High School, 2014
Deja Johnson-Ford, Alameda High School, 2014
Katy Somerville
Magic Gold:  
Gabriella Zaragoza, 2015
Maya Zaragoza, 2016
Hannah Durden, St. Mary's of Berkeley High School, 2015
Jasmine Sorrels, 2016
Sade Kammen, 2015
Nilani Roach, St. Patrick St. Vincent, 2015

Olowaushaun Agdebige, Salesian High School, 2015



In their second straight tournament with a diminished roster Magic Gold Team played at an impessive pace racking up over 150 pts in 3 games @ the Xtreme Hoops Oktoberfest Shootout while their stifling defense held opponents to just over 50 pts. The defense was anchored by Jessica Mitz and Madison Burroughswho frustrated the opposition with their quickness and anticipation. Jordan Johnson and Alejandra Cephas protected the paint and cleaned up the boards while team leaders Jonae Gonzales and Anne-Marie Del Benetook advantage of every possession running the court and punishing opponents in transition. Scoring was led by Ashley Ewing who slashed through opposing defenses with ease and gobbled up offensive rebounds. A tremendous team effort rewarded with a well-deserved championship. Congrats!


A depleted Magic Gold Team competed in their first tournament of the fall season playing in 3 exciting games down to the wire. In Game 1 the Magic matched up against the Stars in a back and forth battle. With just seconds remaining and the score tied Jessica Mitz nailed a 3 pt shot to put Magic on top for good. Game 2 exposed Magic as a team with weaknesses as casual play and a loss of focus put Magic in a deep hole early against a strong West Coast Xtremelineup. The team showed character by battling back and giving themselves a chance to win with minutes to go, but a lack of execution down the stretch doomed the Magic 8th graders to their first loss of the season. Magic started game 3 strong, bolstered by the return of starting point guard Anne-Marie Del Bene. Just when the game against All-City looked to be in the bag Magic was hit by the injury bug. Magic stalwarts, Jonae Gonzales and Bailey Russ, were incapacitated leaving only 5 healthy players and a rapidly diminishing lead. Led by Gabby Brown's staunch defense the team held off a comeback to win another close one and start the season 2-1.

For more information on Magic teams and the history of the Magic program, visit the mission page on our website by clicking the tab at the top of the page or just hit the link here.  MISSION 

4/23/2012: Congratulations to the Orinda Magic Red Team! 1st Place Champions at the Strictly Hoops Cal Classic II. The 8th/9th graders played hard in all three games to come away with Gold last weekend. Coach Chris Russellled them ina down to the wirethriller to win their first game beforedominating theirother two opponents.

2/28/2012: Orinda Magic High School Tryouts will begin in March. We will have three high school teams. Our teams will travel to tournaments in Oregon, Nevada, and Los Angeles as well as several local tournaments.

2/28/2012: We are still looking for players for 6th 7th and 8th grade for the Spring, 2012 season. The next Tryout will be Sunday March 4th @ 2:30-4:30. Teams will compete in local tourneys through the end of May and also travel to the annual Jam on It Memorial Day Tourney in Reno, May 26-28.


12/20/2011: In the Spring and Summer of 2011 Orinda Magic had five teams.  Three high school teams and two youth teams.  Our high school teams included varsity players from around the bay area reaching as far as Antioch and San Jose. Our teams traveled to Portland OR, Las Vegas, Reno, Los Angeles as well as attending multiple local tourneys.  The Orinda Magic Black team took third place at the Cal Sparks Grad Games. The Orinda Magic Bronze team(6th grade) won the championship of their division in Reno @ the annual Jam on It Memorial Day tourney